Steam Browser Link

What is Steam Browser Link?
This service lets you launch your Steam library on your PC from your phone!
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Do you use your PC on your TV? Tired of using your mouse to launch games?
Launch them quickly by linking your TV and phone with just your browser!

Identify your sending device (your phone or other device your launching from) and receiving device (your PC with Steam).
On either device create your link code and link your Steam profile (no login required).
On the other device select the returning option and enter your link code.

On the receiving device make sure to have the receiving page open then view the sending page on your sending device and select your game.

For use of this service we recommend either the Chrome, Edge, or Firefox browsers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your custom url name is defined by you on your Steam profile. If you have not set one and do not wish to set one you can change this option to "Steam ID" and use your Steam ID.

To find your Steam ID you have to login to and view your profile. At your profile in the URL box your steam ID will display. If this displays your name, you can use this name as your custom URL.

Your link code will remain active as long as you use it. Link codes are deleted automatically after a week of inactivity.

We use Steams built in browser links to launch your games, your browser needs your permission to launch Steam as well as your game. We recommend hitting the "always allow" option.

The most likely cause is your Steam profile's privacy setting is set to keep your games library private. You must have this set to public to use this service.

To use this service you must change your Steam profiles privacy settings to allow your games list to be public. Through this service, only those with your link code can view your games. However, if you set your games list to public, anyone that views your Steam profile can view your full games list.

We log your Steam ID. Your Steam ID allows us to pull your list of games automatically. This information is saved only while actively using our service and up to seven (7) days after.

We only collect your Steam ID. We are able to fetch your Steam ID from your custom URL if that is what's provided. This information is only use to view your games list, your games list is not saved on our systems.